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About Us

The track at The Compound Mx Facility in Fulton, NY is challenging for experienced riders and forgiving for beginners to learn and practice their craft. The track was built in 2015 as a private practice track. Since then, there has been strong interest from riders to be able to ride at the facility. In early 2019, Angelo Komuda and Scotty Drake will be opening the track to the public for the first time!

We have been involved in the sport for 20 years and have been to all the best facilities around the world. Our goal is to give the riders in the Northeast an opportunity they can’t get anywhere else in the area.

Who is Scotty Drake?

Scotty spent years living in Cairo, GA at the famed Millsaps Training Facility with his younger brother, aspiring pro racer, Sunny. During that time, a lot of the riders living and training there were from the northern states escaping the cold weather. It was always a dream of Scotty’s to give riders that weren’t able to travel south with an every day of the week training facility in his hometown.

Scotty Drake motocross CNY
amateur motocross race track in Fulton, NY

Our Achievements

The first year of working with amateur riders, we had both of our full-time athletes qualify for the Amateur National Title Race at Loretta Lynn’s. Trevor Schmidt and Anyssia Ingersoll both trained at The Compound with Scotty and represented The Compound at the highest level of amateur motocross in the world.


If you’re ready to get started, jump on over to our booking page or give us a call to claim your time. We want to help you take the next step in motocross!

The Compound Mx Facility
371 South Granby Road
Fulton, NY 13069