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The Compound Mx Facility, located in Fulton, NY, welcomes you to try out the Northeast’s only national-quality track. We welcome riders of all ages who want to train for the next level or who just want to learn the sport. Our experienced team, led by Scotty Drake, is here to guide you off every jump and safely navigate every turn. We want to not only have fun but to learn, too!

Which Class Am I?

Riders who have never raced before or are just getting into the sport start on small bikes like the 65/85 class, which is based on the size of the child and which bike fits them and the age groups allowed to race those classes. The differentiation is a little wider once they hit their teens and everyone is on the same size bike. At that point, if you are new to the sport or just learning, you are a D rider.

The beginner class is abbreviated to the D class. Those who have graduated from beginner (or D) move into novice (or C). This is based on the rider’s results at races. Almost all races report to the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA), and once they have gained enough points by their performance at races they are informed they have been moved up to the faster class. After Novice (or C), the rider is promoted to the Amateur (or B) class. This class is now the stepping stone to professional class depending on performance.

After Amateur is the Expert/Pro class (or A). These riders can now apply to be a pro that races on television or race the A class at other events that pay out money rather than trophies. This facility, like most, will only allow similarly skilled riders on the track at the same time. That is why the A/B riders will have 20 minutes on the track alone, then the C/D riders will be given their 20 minutes, then the smaller riders on their smaller bikes will get their 20 minutes and the cycle will repeat itself. The difference in the class sign-ups allows track owners and promoters to ensure safety for everyone by not having pros on the track at the same time as someone just trying to figure out how to properly hit a jump for the first time.

learn motocross in Central New York
motocross racing in Central New York


If you’re ready to get started, check out the calendar below to book your time. We want to help you take the next step in motocross!


If you’re ready to get started, book client on a session above or give Scott Drake a call at 315-529-9708 to claim your time. We want to help you take the next step in motocross!

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