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The Compound Mx Facility is an open practice and training facility located in Central New York. Built by John Steiner, of the well-known MX Track Builders of California, The Compound was designed to be the first of its kind in the Northeast. It is challenging yet safe for all skill levels. The facility offers every obstacle you would find on a professional motocross track. The all-natural mixture of soil that the track provides cannot be replicated anywhere else in the region. From the profound clay dirt to the deep sand, the most skilled riders will be forced to a two-and-a-half-minute lap time.

“I’ve built tracks all around the world. This place has one of the nicest mixtures of sand and clay I’ve ever seen. The flow and terrain rivals any track in the country.”
- John Steiner

professional motocross track in central new york
The Compound Mx Facility in Central New York
The main track at The Compound Mx Facility in Fulton, NY is equipped with a full irrigation and watering system. This ensures riders are able to ride on a track that is prepared similarly to that of a national-level race while providing a track safe for all riders to use and train on. The track is consistently tilled to a depth of 12 inches, allowing riders to train in real-life conditions that practice tracks normally do not provide.


“Place is awesome. Dirt is a good mix from rutted corners all the way to deep beach sand. Awesome place to train and ride in New York.”
- Michael Fowler

“I’ve ridden many tracks up and down the East Coast, and nothing compares to this one. The Compound is the place to be. The track is going to change riding and racing in Upstate NY”
- Blaze Cremaldi

“The track is motocross heaven. For upstate NY, by far the best track around. I’ve been to a lot of race tracks, private tracks, training facilities all over the states and across Canada, and I️ can say hands down that this is one of the best!”
- Willy Shatrau

“Track is awesome for what’s intended for, awesome training facility. Track has a lot of different dirt and terrain, lots of elevation changes, scrub jumps and uphill jumps. Great for anyone looking to improve their skills. Because the track doesn’t have any flat straights it’s a constant workout and if you can ride 20 min moto’s on this track you can ride 20 min moto’s anywhere.”
- William J.

“This track is by far the best track in NY, the flow is amazing and the jumps are even better. I always feel like a kid on Christmas when I get to ride The Compound.”

- David S.

“Have to see the place in person,
it’s so sick in every way”
- Josh F.


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The Compound Mx Facility
371 South Granby Road
Fulton, NY 13069